People’s Design Archive

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Inspiring Folks (Links to an external site.) — Women exploring design for a feminine economy  (Links to an external site.).  Wonderfully simple, powerful representations of data.

Using Design Thinking to Explore Ethics (Links to an external site.), Vida Mia García, Ph.D. (Links to an external site.): Decolonize Design (Links to an external site.) : Dr. Leslie-Ann Noel



Podcasts and Videos

Liz Ogbu : Amazing Architect and Designer who uses design for social impact. Ted Talk on Gentrification  (Links to an external site.)

Ideo U: Podcast  (Links to an external site.)


Mothers of Invention : Podcast  (Links to an external site.)

Climate Change is a Manmade Problem with a Feminist Solution. Great Podcast featuring women from all over the world and feminist men who are combatting climate change. It’s not explicitly about design thinking, but really, it is.